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Public Sector

The role of Stakeholder Dialogues in the public sector

The public sector, with its different national, regional and local institutions, has a duty to ensure good governance and deliver the best possible services. Regular consultations between stakeholders have become a key element of good governance, as has the increasing participation in Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships.

People who want to tackle tough social problems and achieve beneficial community outcomes are beginning to understand that multiple sectors of a democratic society, business, nonprofits and philanthropies, the media, the community, and government, must collaborate to deal effectively and humanely with the challenges.
                 - Public Administration Review, 2006

Stakeholder Dialogues are a powerful tool for finding joint solutions to shared problems; strengthening social cohesion and improving overall governance. This approach allows representatives of interest groups to voice their concerns; contribute knowledge and experience and highlight any aspects that may be lacking.

Stakeholder Dialogues in the public sector make for the broadest possible consensus; enhance the quality of decisions and lead to better development and enforcement of plans, regulations, and statutory orders.

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