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Dive deep into the theory and learn from our comprehensive online textbook. Find everything you need from the first steps to the successful completion of your project.

Before initiating a Stakeholder Dialogue, you need a thorough understanding of the concept behind them. We have compiled the theoretical background of Stakeholder Dialogues, enabling you to understand their key elements: When to apply them, how to prepare, implement and evaluate them.

Getting started

This section gets you started by exploring the field of Stakeholder Dialogues. It explains when Stakeholder Dialogues are the appropriate approach to take, what forms of Stakeholder Dialogues exist and highlights their most important principles.

Getting active

This section introduces you to the Dialogic Change Model, our core methodology for the implementation of Stakeholder Dialogues. It shows the different phases of Stakeholder Dialogues and helps you to understand what is required in each phase. 

Getting reflective

This section invites you to reflect on the progress and quality of your Stakeholder Dialogue. By highlighting the eight key factors for successful Stakeholder Dialogues it offers an approach to monitoring dialogue processes.

Collective Leadership for Sustainability

Collective Leadership for Sustainability is the capacity of a group of leaders to deliver their contribution to a joint purpose collaboratively, while putting high priority on the common good, and a balance between the needs of people, profit, and planet. 

Find out how dialogue & collaboration between different actors - private sector companies and organisations, governments, and civil society is essential for finding solutions to sustainability challenges. Dialogue & collaboration are key elements of Collective Leadership.


Turn theory into practice: assess and design the steps you need to bring your Stakeholder Dialogue forward - with our e-learning tools  

Need to get a quick start? We hand-picked some tools for you to try out:

tool-readiness-check.png__60x67_q85_crop_upscale.png Readiness Check
How do you create the appropriate conditions for the application of a Stakeholder Dialogue? This tool is a great starting point if you you are considering the initiation of a Stakeholder Dialogue, but are not sure whether your project is ready yet.

dcm-1.png__60x67_q85_crop_upscale.png DCM Phase 1
Following the four phases of our Dialogic Change Model this tool assesses if your project has brought forward the most important aspects of Phase one sufficiently to step into the next phase of engagement.

 The Collective Leadership Compass  is a practice-oriented approach to leading complex change in multi actor settings. It empowers leaders to navigate collaboration successfully by attending to a pattern of interacting human competencies in the six dimensions: FUTURE POSSIBILITIES • ENGAGEMENT • INNOVATION • HUMANITY • COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE • WHOLENESS


Take a look at our educational videos for topics ranging from a quick introduction in Stakeholder Dialogues to in-depth lessons and analysis - explained by experts.

SDnet Video Icon.png One minute on Stakeholder Dialogues Why is a stakeholder analysis important?

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