Co-creating a sustainable future


Collective Leadership Compass for Sustainability

The Collective Leadership Compass is a practice-oriented approach to leading complex change in multi actor settings. It empowers leaders to navigate collaboration successfully by attending to a pattern of interacting human competencies in the six dimensions:


Dimension 1: Humanity

Choose the path with a heart (individual) / create an atmosphere of mutual respect (team, core group, organization, cooperation system)

  • Mindfulness  - describes the ability to be attentive to the depth of a situation and the deeper forces of life (enacted through individual and collective reflection, observation...)
  • Balance - describes the ability to manage the balance between the generative energies of passion, commitment and contemplation (enacted through tracking energy levels and emotional engagement, reconnecting with one’s leadership journey, connecting with a larger goal...)
  • Empathy - describes the ability to step into the perspective of s.o. else, attend to each others’ humanness and practice gratitude and/or forgiveness (enacted through suspending judgment, inquiry...)

Dimension 2: Future Possibilities

Lead with passion (individual)/foster constructive co-creation

  • Future orientation - describes the ability to have a positive outlook, seek possibilities and solutions, and/or tune into future possibilities (enacted through conscious attention to future, the potential in a situation/person/organization...)
  • Empowerment - describes the ability to inspire others, awaken their passion for change and enhance their ability for self-reliant action (enacted through inspirational conversations, invitation to contribute, accessing other people’s passion, connecting people with a larger goal, living one’s passion...)
  • Decisiveness -describes the ability to take a stance and follow-through on issues one believes in (enacted through developing focus and single-mindedness, discipline, reliability, assertiveness...)

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