Co-creating a sustainable future

Collective Leadership Compass for Sustainability

Engagement & Collective Intelligence

Dimension 3: Engagement

Foster collective action

  • Process quality - describes the ability to design and implement high quality processes (enacted through attending to high quality process designs that create ownership, trust and result-orientation) 
  • Connectivity (Cohesion) - describes the ability to create connections and relationships in a system that moves the system into a better, more meaningful, sustainable future (enacted through attending to relationship building, respect and observation of group dynamics/patterns, network building and ccoperation) 
  • Collective action - describes the ability to implement action jointly and deliver results (enacted through attention to the requirements of cooperation systems, transparent communication, goal clarity, mutual accountability, visibility of successes, result-orientation)

Dimension 4: Collective Intelligence

Encourage diverse perspectives/harness the power of dialogue

  • Dialogic quality - describes the ability to let coherence and collective intelligence emerge through inquiry and enhance the effectiveness of communication/interaction through dialogue (enacted through attending to the quality of conversations and communicative processes)
  • Diversity - describes the ability to foster diversity in thought, viewpoints and experiences to enhance the quality of decisions and subsequent action (enacted through encouraging and considering a variety of perspectives, exposure to different (world)views, and integrating different cultures, stories and styles)
  • Iterative learning - describes the ability to build collective cycles of reflection into action in order to enhance resilience and timely adjustment of strategies (enacted through attending to collective reflection as part of action and implementation plans, openness to adjust strategies as a result of insight)

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